Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh yeah, I have a BLOG?!!

How could I have forgotten, and where has all the time gone?
I got a new computer, after a month the harddrive had to be replaced...and the "favorites" link to my blog went away. I used a link on Alison's blog to locate mine - then couldn't remember my sign-in information. I hope you are laughing WITH me and not at me. ha ha ha
Since my last post...
Late October: Road trip scrapbooking with Crystal (from Florida). We met at my friend's in North Carolina for an extended weekend.
November: Attended Tim's brother's wedding in Pennsylvania. And another long weekend scrapbooking in the other end of Maryland about 5 hours away. It was SO cold!!

December: A couple of craft fairs, made 100+ Christmas cards, and the usual Christmas fun. I also made a last minute road trip to Virginia Beach just before New Year's. I saw Alison (standing next to me) and Tammy & Karen (seated). We had a great time in Karen's new studio stamping and looking at the new TAC catalog.

January: Had a wonderful visit in Texas with my brother's family for a week, then to San Antonio (a few hours away) to attend TAC's annual retreat. Black & white pic is of Mischelle Smith (owner of TAC) and myself. We all stayed at the Menger Hotel right between the Alamo & the Riverwalk in San Antonio. I love the courtyard - my fantasy yard! And I got to wear my shorts again!!

AND I'm not done. I have a scrapbooking weekend in a few days (thank goodness it's local), and a trip to Orlando on the 1st of February. No wonder my friends are giving me a bad time about never being at home.
Here's a few clipboards I covered for my craft fairs:

2 comments: said...

Glad to see you've posted! I love all your projects and pictures. Your so lucky to be able to travel as much as you do!

Seleise said...

oh my gosh - I'm glad you got into your blog! Hope the computer keeps working now. :) Great stuff here!