Monday, February 9, 2009

Escape to San Antonio 2009

TAC spoiled us in San Antonio for Escape with projects & goodies. What a fun time; and the weather was great. After reviewing some of the photos I took, I found a couple good ones to share. Here's me with TAC staff - don't I look like I fit in?! I may have to rething things if I ever move to Kansas City...LOL

And a picture of Mischelle (TAC owner) signing autographs in the room where we spent plenty of time with make & takes and projects. Of course, plenty of socializing goes hand in hand with the concentration...because being an Angel is just more FUN!

Upon returning home, I held a team meeting where I could share what I created and received in Texas. Swaps are on the table, and TAC projects & goodies are on the metal risers...this was about a third of what came home with me. I put my card in with the rest to see if anyone could pick it person got it right away.

To see a bunch more pictures - check out Mischelle's Saavy Projects blog - it can always be found on TAC's home page. Enjoy!


Joy said...

Great piccies and I loved lookijng at all those wonderful creations on the table. thanks for sharing xx

Angela K said...

What great goodies!!! said...

One year I hope to get there!

Becky said...

Looks like you had a great time and made loads of yummy stuff!!
Love becky xx

Diana said...

My friend you are a bad girl!! for showing this, lol!! you know how bad I wanted to be there! but at least there is less than 4 months for Seminar and I am going to see you!!!!