Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stamp Stimulus Package!!!

TAC wanted to get in on helping the crafting economy - and they are offering a Stamp Stimulus Package!! I'm so excited!!!

September 17 - December 30, 2009
These popular promotion sets, which were available only as hostess add-ons, are now available to ALL! From Sept. 17 - Dec. 30, 2009, with each $30 purchase you may order one each of the following stamp sets at a special price!

T-3212 Reindeer Food ($8.95) $6.75
T-3210 Love & Friendship ($12.95) $9.75
T-3211 Sweet Friend ($12.95) $9.75
T-3120 God Bless America ($17.95) $13.50
T-3189 Christmas Doodles ($21.95) $16.50
T-3180 Tea Talk ($21.95) $16.50

To see our other great products...look at my TAC website - yes, you can order there too - with shipping directly to you (within United States). These stamps are listed under "Monthly Special." I'll be ordering some of these sets for myself TODAY...what's your favorites? Mine are Tea Talk & God Bless America!!

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