Friday, August 27, 2010

Copic My Way - for now...

Gosh, I have hardly been in town since the last post. After TAC's Seminar, I was home a week, then headed off to Washington state and spent time with my dad - he is currently undergoing chemo & radiation for lung/spine cancer. I am so thankful I had the trip already planned so I could go to his first treatments with him. He is doing fairly well so far considering.

While in WA, I learned my grandmother now has Alzheimer's. So after a week of being at home, I took off for NE Montana to see her. I also incorporated my missed vacation and visited other friends & family. I am so glad I went...although grandma didn't know who I was, she knew I was a relative and still knows she has a granddaughter named Ginger...good enough for me! I love her soooo much & know it goes both ways.

After about 2 weeks at home and processing all that's going on with my family...I am out of town again. I figured I should spend some of my spare time in this hotel room to post on my blog. I brought a Copic coloring project. Sorry, my netbook doesn't have photo editing software on it. I may edit these after I return home, but in case that doesn't happen, I am posting.

I am mostly using the copic yellows Y11, YR31 & YR23...but tried the RV21, V12 & V12 for the pink/purple one. Wonderful flowers are from TAC's new stamp set:  T-3371 Blossoms & Blessings. I am no pro on using least not yet...but I am having fun. I will be certified in October! Can't Wait!

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bernietom47 said...

Aw Ginger sorry to hear about your father and grandmother. That's a lot weighting on your heart. Prayers for you and yours.
Blessings Bernie