Monday, September 24, 2007

Expanding my Internet Life!

It's 2007 - I've been around computers for more years than I'd like to admit - and I am now just joining the blog world. I love rubberstamping - and want to share with you some of my projects and how to do them. This seemed to be the best way for my TAC customers/hostesses and growing team to be able to see it all together (less duplication).

The Angel Company (TAC) has helped me continue my stamping addiction - with saving cost and space! It was a match made in heaven and now I'm an Angel (all their demonstrators are called angels - isn't that cool?).

I hope you enjoy the things you find here.

Have a great day! Ginger :-)


Anonymous said...

Have fun with your blog and I look forward to future posts! Alison (The Enabler):)

MBA said...

Your article is appreciated, thank you!