Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finishing Touches

Well...I think I'm back in business! I have cleared out enough of my basement to set up tables and start playing. My first project in my new space is my half-completed swaps for TAC's Seminar (annual convention where they release next catalog). I started them before the dog's surgery...and worked on them some while he was recovering.

Since Seminar is next week...I've gotta get them DONE! While I was working...I thought I'd post about finishing touches. Have you ever made a card or project that looked good...but was missing something? It could have been the finishing touches.

First card picture is before adding the last things to make it pop. Next card picture is with the finishing touches: I added white stitching, white on the butterfly (white Gel Xtreme pen) and Stickles glitter glue to the middle of the flower.

Stay tuned for more fun projects!

I look forward to unpacking lots more boxes and having all of my stuff available and ready to play.


Barb said...

Finishing touches look great, Ginger... and I reeeeally want a stamp room that big!! :)

Lisadwb said...

You have a lot of space- enjoy it!! Love the finishing touches. Have a ball at Seminar. said...

Love the space, I may just have to come and visit! have fun at seminar!

Debra Hensley said...

Love your trade! The stitching adds a lot.. and way kewl on your stamp room!! Have fun at Seminar!!

Joy said...

Basement is looking good Ginger! xx