Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Inspired as a tourist in Washington, DC

I was recently a tourist for a day or so in Washington, DC (for the first time). Had a great time with a friend of mine who was there working on genealogy research. During her last day of class, I had a much needed "Ginger day" in the Sofitel hotel.

  • Slept in - no responsibilities!
  • Walked to Starbucks and a nearby cafe for lunch.
  • Then back to the room for a few hours of rubberstamping creation. I took limited supplies, but am pleased with my 2 creations - while watching a car show on SPEED tv.
I am using one of the cards in a swap I recently entered and am not allowed to show you for a couple more days. Then it will be posted here. Until then, you can enjoy my newly created signature.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're having fun in DC. rita w

Diana said...

It sounds so Ginger!! I can't wait to visit with you again!! I really enjoy it a lot!!


Debra Hensley said...

I'm so glad you got a Ginger day- sounded fabullous!!Can't wait to see what you created!!

Barb said...

"Ginger Day"... that sounds lovely :) Glad you had a good trip and can't wait to see what you made while away!

Joy said...

Wish I could have a 'Ginger' day ( mines more like 'minger'! Sounds like you enjoyed it. Take care I'll be back in a couple of days xx