Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sneak Peek #6 - Give Praise to Him

Well, I didn't plan to create or post today; instead I thought I'd clean up my messes from the past few days to be ready for creating tomorrow. While I began to put away the Reece cardstock - I realized it was the same colors of our kitchen. Hmmm, I love Reece and I am the one that picked the kitchen colors (coffee cafe style).

All of a sudden, an idea started forming. I love the realistic images in the Give Praise to Him set...but wasn't thinking they should be on a card this time. So, I trotted to the basement for something to put them on...and found a Tea Break chipboard book. I have made up a couple of these intact...but many more have been cut apart for other projects (all it takes is an exacto knife).

I started with the words...and a pre-made tag (they come in the Reece pack) it would fit on. The rest of the colors were chosen around the tag. The dark red colored cardstock made it stand out quite well. I used only one page of the Tea Break chipboard book...and glued down the red cardstock; then sanded the edges. My first stamping try was with my beloved Burnt Umber Palette ink pad** it failed - almost faded away! I ended up using Jardin Moss Palette + green looks brown (go figure).

Finishing touches: Antique Copper hardwarePop-It dots, Reece coordinating ribbons, and the Stardust glitter pen. I love how this project turned out - and I'm a picky one - it's going on my wall! Here's a close up so you can see the detail in the bee and the dimensions of the project.
**Burnt Umber still made it on the project - I used it around the edges of the tag and the piece of circles cardstock on the top.

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Kim said...

This is cool! It's one thats on my wish list too!!!!